The Maniac of Skitliv

Published On June 18, 2009 | By Travis "Nero" Loutsch | Uncategorized

As a longtime member of the legendary band Mayhem, Maniac (aka Sven Erik Kristiansen) was known for insane stage performances, philosophical lyrics, and many outrageous offstage antics. After leaving Mayhem for various reasons, Maniac took a hiatus from music altogether and tried to be a family man. After about a year long hiatus from the music business, he realized he needed to be back. Henceforth, Skitliv. Norwegian for “shit life,” Skitliv found Maniac breaking a lot of the bonds he had with black metal, and branching with a more experimental side. Though still “heavy,” musically Skitliv is nowhere near anything Maniac has ever done before. In a phone conversation interview I had with Maniac, we discussed Skitliv, family, kicking ass, side projects, and since we are in the year of Mayhem’s 25th anniversary, I talked with him about his time in Mayhem. I want to thank his sweet manager, Patricia, for all of her help as well.

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    great interview!! :)

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